20 Best business tools for marketing you need

Benefits of business tools for marketing

Whether small or large businesses, we all want something that will reduce our task load for the day. Technology made things a lot easier for business growth all around the world and irrespective of the size of your business there are always business tools for marketing your products. 

I can remember when I started my business, and I thought that I will probably need to spend a lot on promoting my business. But luckily for me, I came across some unique tools that were helpful to me. One unique thing about trying to promote a business is that you need business tools for marketing your business.

You do not have to spend thousands on these tools because some of them are free. Gone are the days when you have to panic about how to get your business running well, but now you can get software for your dealings. 

The dream of every business owner is to see their business succeed in every way. Human labor is important in every company, and adding business tools for marketing to your business will help improve it on many levels. 

Thousands of companies today use different marketing tools to boost their sales. In the world of marketing, there are different tools, tricks, and ways to enhance your marketing business, some include, advertising, market research, and direct mail. And that is why this overview will give you insight into the best business tools for marketing you need.

What are Small business tools?

Small business tools for marketing are the plans, strategies, techniques, and materials used by companies to improve and promote their goods and services. They are often used to boost sales. Business tools help in developing and promoting a company’s product or brand.

Learn a few strategies to improve your brand reputation and increase sales

Business tools also come as social media marketing. So many businesses make use of popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Skye, and others to promote their business. Regardless of your product or what you are marketing, you can make use of social media platforms for your business marketing.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to market and promote your business online. Both practitioners and researchers digitally used it. 

Benefits of business tools for marketing 

These are the benefits of business tools for marketing:

  1. Helps in promoting business and increasing lead scoring:

    When your business is low in lead scoring, it is bad for the business. But when you make use of unique business tools for marketing, you can get the best lead scores. Lead scoring strategy is important to boost marketing and sales and it also improves the general performance of a company, it also helps in promoting your business. 

    With lead scoring, you won’t have to waste your time on undeserving prospects. lead scoring is the method of ranking the value of a lead to help you decide the amount of benefit and advantage they can bring to your business.
  2. Increases customer satisfaction:

    it isn’t a secret that it takes time and costs a lot to attract new customers who trust you, costumers satisfaction and loyalty can be difficult to gain but in the end, it’s all worth the effort. 

    But when you make use of business tools for marketing for your business, it will reduce the workload. Because this way you know how content and satisfied your customers are with your products and it also reduces conflict between customers and business owners.
  3. It helps minimize the wastage of money used in advertising 

    Knowing the best marketing strategy to promote your business is beneficiary in marketing. With a good analytic and clear strategy, you can determine and decide where to market/advertise and promote your products, this way you can reduce and minimize the amount of money you use in promoting and advertising.
  4. Help improve your creativity/skills

    One advantage of marketing is the improvement of creativity and skills, there is no doubt there that with good creativity and skills your business will improve. Because being able to come up with new materials and tools for your business is an advantage.
  5. It helps in making connections

    What is the meaning of making a connection? This is a term for business marketing that benefits you and the people you developed a connection with. We all know that a new connection in the business world means new business and new referrals. It also helps increase your career by strengthening and promoting your business.

Why Business Communication is important

What are the marketing tools? 

Marketing tools are essential for every business. Whether you specialize in marketing would, you need some of these strategies for the effective promotion of your business.

1. Place:

 It involves how you transfer your products and services to your customers at the appointed time and in the right place. In most cases, most companies use telemarketing, and some use direct selling. 

This process also involves your products and services being available to your customers at a place where they can easily see and buy them. You can use this place marketing step to contemplate selling your products through mail orders, retail establishments, supermarkets, or catalogs.

2. Price:

 Many companies have found that the benefit of some products is a discount because A discount sometimes attracts customers to a product. Also, remember that the price of your product depends on the position of the products in the market. As a marketer, you need to determine when the price of your product needs a raise and when it needs a discount.

3. Product:

Product, this factor refers to the goods and services offered by a company to their customers. The goal of a company is to improve its customer’s satisfaction. To be a successful marketer, you need to understand the market decision. 

This strategy involves the purpose of the products, materials, how the products should look, and whether they will satisfy people using the product.

4. Promotion:

It refers to the methods and forms you use in promoting your products. This method involves you telling your customers about your products and services. There are different ways in which you can promote your products advertising, marketing, public relations, and promotional strategy. 

Benefits of business tools for marketing

20 business tools for marketing 

In marketing, there are thousands of tools and strategies a marketer can use to promote their products and boost sales. 

Here is a list of business tools for marketing:

  1. Direct mail:
    Direct mail is a business tool for marketing and promoting your business. This method is common among marketers; it is often used to communicate with their customers to get them to buy their business.

    Direct mail is an advertisement through which you send your customers notifications or messages( physical letters, mailers, or postcards) via mail. Read more on the benefits of email marketing for small business
  2. Social media marketing tools: 
    In the world of marketing today social media became one of the most used and best business tools for marketing. It helps boost and promote your products and services online. Social media marketing provides marketers with a way to connect and communicate with their customers, and it’s also cost-effective. 
  3. Google analytics:
    Google Analytics is a business tool for marketing small and large-scale businesses. Marketers often use this marketing tool to track and report the online traffic of a website and Google Analytics allows you to see the number of people that visited your website.
  4. Google drive:
    Google drive is a business tool for marketing. This business tool is an app used by marketers for the reason it is able to provide you with file storage and also a secure place to back up your files. it manages documents, files, presentations, and more. It connects to control, access, and store your files, documents and pictures.

    This is one of the best apps that provides you with file storage and a secure place to back up your files. It manages documents, files, presentations, and more. It connects to control, access, and store your files, documents and pictures.
  5. Google keyword planner:
    Google keyword planner is a business tool for marketing tool used for online advertising. It assists with researching keywords for your campaign. It also helps you discover new keywords for your products and services.

    Searching for the best keywords. It will give you three options, choose keyword pricing listed under tools, click the start now, Access the google keyword planner, select your tools, and choose your keyword.
  6. BuzzSumo: 
    BuzzSumo is a business tool for marketing for business owners. BuzzSumo will help your market research and also assist you with genuine strategies which will help your business in the long run. This cloud-based interface will assist you in creating content, discovering keywords, customer questions, and more for your business.
  7. ProofHub:
    ProofHub is a business tool for marketing for business owners. ProofHub is software that helps you manage your campaigns and projects. You can easily track the progress of your team. It also allows you to coordinate your tasks.

    With ProofHub, you can send your files directly to your laptop/desktop via other file storage services.
  8. Adobe analytic:
    Adobe Analytics is one of the best business tools for marketing your businesses. As a marketer, I can tell you Adobe Analytics enables you to improve your website and each platform you use for marketing. It also helps customize your reports.
  9. Trello:
    Trello is a marketing tool that helps organize your posts and manage your documents and projects. Trello allows you to connect and communicate with your clients and customers.
  10. Skype:
    Skype is one of the business tools for a free online business that offers you an online connection or collaboration through text messages, calls, and video chat. 

    Skype is an example of software for communication over the internet which helps in notifying your customers. It also serves as one of the best for online interaction.
  11. Qualaroo:
    If you are a small business owner searching for the best interacting app. To help you communicate with your customers, teams, and clients. Then Qualaroo is one of the best marketing tools for that. It helps gather important feedback from customers, and it can collect, analyze, and store feedback data.
  12. PayPal:
    Paypal is a business tool for marketing your business. PayPal helps provide customer insight if working with oversea clients. PayPal will provide you with a high level of security and help to secure the means of transferring payment. PayPal facilitates online and on-site sales, and it is also cost-effective. If you are in Nigeria or some African countries this is how to use Paypal to receive international payments.

    There are also several ways to make international payments if Paypal is not really your thing.
  13. Pilcro:
    Pilcro is one of the best business tools for marketing your company. It is software for managing brand guidelines; it improves your brand clarity and enables you to store all your brand assets. Pilcro assists people to create colors, logos, and fonts to manage their brand.
  14. MailChimp:
    Another tool used in marketing is MailChimp marketing. Aside from it being an easy tool to use, it is also a platform that permits you to list, create, send and analyze emails and advertise your products. it serves as a communication tool between your clients and other interested members/people. MailChimp is one of the best business tools for marketing.
  15. WordPress CMS:
    WordPress CMS is one of the best business tools for marketing and promoting your businesses. This tool is best for helping to create unique business strategies that will be useful for your businesses. For best results, install the all-in-one SEO pack plugin. 

    We love WordPress CMS because it is free and easy to use. You will enjoy using this marketing tool for reasons like free meta tags, canonical URLs, etc.
  16. AdRoll:
    AdRoll is also one of the best business tools for marketing. It is free and easy to use, and you can send thousands of emails. Although some of its features may require subscriptions, it is worth every penny. 
  17. Ahrefs:
    Ahrefs is one of the best business tools for marketing, it can generate over 200 keywords. Although Ahrefs is not a free marketing tool, you will gain more than what you are paying for it. It is a great tool for SEO keywords.
  18. Buffer:
    Buffer is a business tool for marketing. This marketing tool is best for managing various accounts. It is easy to use and is best for small and large businesses with multiple social media accounts. You can easily customize how you use this app, irrespective of the platform. This app will help you integrate the accounts.
  19. Segundo:
    Segundo is also a business tool for marketing. The app is free and easy to use. It comes with a unique feature that will help your business in different ways. Although to enjoy some of its features, you will need to pay for monthly subscriptions.
  20. Loomly:
    Loomly is one of the best business tools for marketing. It is best for managing and organizing content and schedules. This app will help you with content ideas suitable for your businesses. It is affordable and easy to use for first-timers.


Q1: What are the best business tools for marketing my product?

Answer: we list Some of the best marketing tools above.

Q2: Are business tools helpful?

Answer: Yes. They are helpful and useful to business owners.

Q3: Are marketing tools expensive?

Answer: No. Some marketing tools are free.

Q4: Where can I get business tools online?

Answer: Yes, you can get business tools online

Q5: Who can use business tools for marketing?

Answer: Any business owners or anyone interested in using them.


Business tools for marketing are devices that help our businesses in every way. While some lists on our list have different functions, you can easily use them for every need of your business. Business tools for marketing are inexpensive, and they work effectively. 

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