Best Finance Companies in Nigeria 2022

finance companies in nigeria

In a few recent years, a lot of great individuals have made great ways of how Finance Companies in Nigeria are perceived. Most people refer to these firms as Fintech It’s with no doubt that these companies are doing well for themselves, the Nigeria Fintech Industry and Africa at large. The most surprising thing about … Read more

Top tech companies in Nigeria To Work For

Top Tech Companies In Nigeria

Here in Nigeria, most people often try to know the top Tech companies in Nigeria to work for, and we have made some checks to give out few lists of companies/startups you can work for. Have you ever wondered if there is something worse than being unemployed? Of course, working in a choking environment. The … Read more

Best Online Saving and Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Online Saving and Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Saving and investment are part of the journey to living a financially stable life, and within recent years’ online saving and investment platforms in Nigeria has grown much stronger. As Campbell McConnell puts it – “Savings…is the prerequisite of investment.” Although it is good to do saving and investment in the bank, but it becomes … Read more