Five strong reasons to use Microsoft Office Online

reasons to use microsoft office online

So many people are yet to know the benefits and reasons to use Microsoft office online. If you do not want to pay for Microsoft 365, that is quite OK. I get what you’re saying. I paid for five years of the software because I realized that 1TB of OneDrive storage is well worth my … Read more

Best 8 Basic Digital Skills You Can Quickly Learn


Digital skills or ICT Skills is one of the most on-demand ability becoming more relevant in our world today, many people around the world are already embracing remote work right now and are doing their best in employing safe social distancing and staying at home whenever possible. However just because you are staying at home … Read more

GitHub is now free for teams


We all know that GitHub is one of the most used Git repository hosting services we have around the world, and it’s owned by Microsoft as well. GitHub just announced a few big changes to its pricing plans and introduced a very nice free plan. GitHub Announcement. We’re happy to announce we’re making private repositories … Read more