5 Big Online Casino Trends From 2023

If you look back at online casinos from a decade ago, they looked immensely different to how they do today. This is no coincidence – it’s because technologies always evolve, as have online casinos, to match the times and to take advantage of the latest technological developments.

This typically happens in trends too, and each year, we see a range of new developments that drastically change how we use and interact with online casinos. In this article, we’re going to explore those trends from 2023 and see what prominent things helped make our online gambling easier.

1. Live dealer games saw an increase in popularity

We love live dealer games, as they essentially recreate the casino experience without you having to move out of your house! You connect to a real human dealer and fellow players with a complete casino setup, such as a roulette table, and play a real game with them! The interactions are great as you can chat to them, and it’s just really immersive.

This type of game has continued to gain popularity in 2023, and software developers such as Evolution have led the way with some incredible titles like Crazy Time and Lightning Roulette. You’ll find Evolution and their live-dealer games are a staple of the NZ online casino scene.

2. Security measures were improved using elements like 2FA

Online security has come a long way in 2023, and we have seen a tightening of online casino security and privacy so that players can feel protected when they make payments and log in to their accounts.

One of the main ways this has been achieved is via 2FA – two-factor authentication. You have probably done this without realizing, but it typically involves sending a unique code to your email or smartphone. You have to then enter that code into the appropriate box for your login to be authenticated.

It’s a relatively foolproof security measure, as it means only you can ever login to your account, unless someone hacks your email or phone and can get the unique codes at the exact same time they get sent, which is virtually impossible!

3. Sweepstakes casinos took off

In 2023, we also saw a new variety of casinos – the sweepstakes casino – arise in particular regions like the USA. These platforms fall under the jurisdiction of sweepstakes laws and this means that they must offer a free-play option.

They are essentially like a mobile game and they typically use a virtual currency like gold coins to play games. There is also usually a premium currency called sweeps coins that can be exchanged for real money prizes.

These platforms have a range of traditional casino games like slots, table games and live dealer games, and most of them allow you to buy gold coin packages. However, in most instances, you can get gold coins for free via a daily login bonus, for example.

4. Smartphone usage continued to increase

Did you know that most online gambling and sports betting is now done on smartphones? In years past, it was virtually only done on desktop computers and laptops, or you had to go to a physical casino!

This trend has continued into 2023 and we can’t see it slowing down, as smartphones will only increase in power and usability.

Virtually every online casino today has a mobile-responsive version of their site that can be used on smartphone browsers like Google Chrome. Also, many platforms have developed dedicated, downloadable casino apps that offer you an incredibly convenient gaming experience.

5. A wider range of payment methods became commonplace

Online payment methods are always evolving and we can recall a time when you even had to use pay-by-phone methods to make deposits at online casinos! This is long since a thing of the past, thank goodness, and in 2023, we saw an increasing number of payment methods being accepted.

For example, smartphone payments became more of a thing, with apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay really taking off. Many online casinos adopted this tech and it has made smartphone gambling even more convenient. Cryptocurrency also saw a surge and many platforms are accepting deposits in BTC, ETH and LTC.

2023 was exciting for online casinos, here’s to 2024!

We don’t think we can remember a year in which we saw so many developments in the online casino industry, and it has certainly been exciting! The new technologies that continue to develop and gain traction, like live dealer games and sweepstakes casinos, have really changed how we perceive and use online casinos.

Add to this a range of other aspects like smartphone usage, cryptocurrency payments and increased security, and we have online casinos that really put the player first and have dramatically improved our experiences with these platforms. We hope these trends continue into 2024 and we foresee further developments to make our gaming life easier!

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