End SARS: Tech Companies Fights Against End SARS

The Tech Companies in Nigeria have lent their voices to the end Sars #EndSarsBrutality #EndSarsNow in Nigeria.

Many Tech operatives have used this opportunity to voice their opinion and their bitter incident of how they have been oppressed by the Nigerian Special anti-robbery squad (SARS) who have mistaken them for “Yahoo” operatives.

Nigerian entrepreneur, software developer, startup investor, CEO of Hotels.ng, and co-founder of HGN internship, Mark Anthony tweeted

This tweet has over 10.7k retweet, 234 quote retweet, 12.2k likes, and severally disappointing comments about SARS.

It’s so frustrating, you can’t even go out with laptop even if you’re a student using it for school work, once you’re caught you will have to pay a ransome. This has to stop, we don’t want this anymore.

A comment from Mark Essien tweet

From the comment from Mark Essien post, many claimed that they can’t work freely with their laptop cause they will have to go through series of question and delay and most time tip the security officer because they possess a laptop.

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Before now top Nigerian Celebrities like Falz and Runtown lead some individuals on a peaceful protest to #EndSARS and police brutality among Nigerians.

Comments From Mark Essien Tweet

Me as a web designer I get scared to take my laptop out sometimes. I mean how do I want to explain to a SARS operative that the lines of code on my sublime text editor are not related to some internet fraudulent activity.

A comment from Mark Essien tweet

One day in Benin Bypass under the bridge going to the East.. I had to buy a domain and wrote some html codes with the SARS officers their names to prove I’m a tech guy.. they don’t even understand what a developer is.. they said I was a Hacker????????????….

A comment from Mark Essien tweet

Top Tech Companies and Brands Raising Funds For End Sars Protesters

Top Tech companies in Nigeria like Flutterwave with their staffs raised 2 million Naira in support of the Peaceful End sars Protest going on in Nigeria.

Other Tech companies in Nigeria like Piggyvest, Bamboo, Risevest, and Paystack have used their social media handles to support The #EndSARS protest while others are encouraged to lend their voice to this end sars peaceful protest because it is said that over 60% percent of Tech operatives who carry laptops, wear AirPods, use iPhone and dress nicely are being detained and often times extorted by the SARS operatives if not killed.

This leaves us with this question; How can Nigeria grow to be a modern society where owning or carrying a gadget is seen as a crime in this part of the world?

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