25 Highest Paying Programming Languages: Perl, Go & Scala Leads

highest paying programming languages

Stack Overflow recently released their developers Survey. Among the content of this survey is the list of the highest paying programming languages for the year 2022. Stack Overflow gives a close estimate of actual salary figures for the highest paying programming languages used across the world. So if you are a software developer looking to … Read more

Top 7 Basic Digital skills You Can quickly Learn in 2022


Digital skills or ICT Skills is one of the most on-demand ability becoming more relevant in our world today, many people around the world are already embracing remote work right now and are doing their best in employing safe social distancing and staying at home whenever possible. However just because you are staying at home … Read more

What do you Know about Zinox technologies, Tablet and Laptops

Zinox Technologies is a growing Tech company in Nigeria. They are proud to be the first internationally certified branded computer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in West Africa. Zinox Technologies is the first OEM in West Africa to receive the WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certification and the first computer hardware manufacturing and ICT Integration Company … Read more

Blue Tech Empire a growing startup in Nigeria

startup in Nigeria

Blue Tech Empire is a growing tech startup in Nigeria that is focused on training and equipping young people around the world, particularly in Africa, with the essential coding skills required to face the challenges of a Digital World. They believe that African youth will be left behind if they are not carried along in … Read more

End SARS: Tech Companies Fights Against End SARS

End Sars

The Tech Companies in Nigeria have lent their voices to the end Sars #EndSarsBrutality #EndSarsNow in Nigeria. Many Tech operatives have used this opportunity to voice their opinion and their bitter incident of how they have been oppressed by the Nigerian Special anti-robbery squad (SARS) who have mistaken them for “Yahoo” operatives. Nigerian entrepreneur, software … Read more

Ugandan Bike Hailing Startup, Safeboda Striving in Ibadan Nigerian


Safeboda a Ugandan bike hailing Startup in Ibadan, Nigeria making success in Ibadan On Tuesday, January 27, 2020, the Lagos state government announced a restriction and ban on okada, tricycles, and, by extension, bike hailing services forcing various bike or motorcycling hailing companies to move completely to other parts of the country like Oyo (Ibadan), Ondo (Akure), Ogun … Read more

How China is using Technologies to help fight COVID-19 virus

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In recent times, the outbreak of the Coronavirus (code name COVID-19) has become so widespread thereby leading to an increased mortality rate in many countries. Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, Numerous Chinese firms have developed automated technologies for contactless delivery, spraying disinfectants and performing basic diagnostic functions, in order to minimize the risk … Read more