Best Tech Documentaries on Netflix

Best Tech Documentaries on Netflix

Netflix is a leading online streaming service because of its wide variety of material, including engaging documentaries and docuseries.

Netflix is a media that may be seen from the convenience of your couch in front of the TV, on your computer screen, and on your mobile devices from nearly anywhere at any time. So if you’re a fan of cutting-edge gadgets and technology, our collection of tech documentaries on Netflix will keep you entertained for hours and provide a comprehensive understanding of the technology as it is.

Best Tech Documentaries on Netflix.
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What are the Best Tech Documentaries on Netflix

The Netflix tech documentaries

  1. Print the Legend

    In 2014, Netflix released a documentary called Print the Legend, it is one of the best tech documentaries on Netflix. The documentary explores the rise of 3D printing. It chronicles the early days of the 3D printing industry, highlighting firms like MakerBot Industries and Formulas alongside more established players like Stratasys and 3D Systems and even divisive personalities like activist Cody Wilson, who compiled a database of 3D-printed firearms.

    The documentary explains the impact of 3D printing and the revolution it sparked. It details the beginnings of MakerBot Industries, a New York-based startup led by Bre Pettis, and the opening of the company’s first retail locations while providing context for the patent infringement lawsuit filed by MIT spinoff Formlabs against 3D Systems, led by CEO and president Avi Reichenthal.

    The documentary depicts possible future situations and the negative side of technology, such as the tale of gun inventor Cody Wilson. MakerBot, the company behind the 3D printer used to make the “Liberator,” disavows the publication of the print files for this model on its Thing verse page.
  2. Downloaded

    The influence of file-sharing services on today’s society is the subject of Downloaded, a documentary by Alex Winter released in 2013. People who helped create these technologies are also discussed in the film, including Sean Fanning and Sean Parker, who developed the Napster file-sharing network.

    The tech documentary on Netflix includes discussions regarding the copyright issue that arises from file sharing from the inventors of file-sharing software and musicians who have used it. The video focuses mainly on Napster, the pioneering free-content file-sharing service.

    The company’s founders discuss the inspiration behind Napster, the service’s initial three-month meteoric rise in popularity, and the subsequent lawsuits filed against the company by musicians and record labels, ultimately leading to Napster’s bankruptcy and acquisition by peer-to-peer company Rhapsody in 2011.

    Henry Rollins, Billy Corgan, Noel Gallagher, Chris Blackwell (the film’s producer and the founder of the record label), Don Einer (the film’s executive producer), Hilary Rosen (the former CEO of the American record label), and Lawrence Lessig (the founder of Creative Commons) were just a few of the well-known people who participated in the film’s production.
  3. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

    The internet’s own boy is one of the top tech documentaries on Netflix. The film follows Aaron Swartz, a young computer programmer and crusader for online free speech. The documentary is written, filmed, and produced by Brian Knappenberger.

    Concerned about the new law’s impending approval, Swartz and other activists used the tools at their disposal to create a website called Demand Progress, where he published an online petition against the law that garnered 300,000 signatures and the support of multiple websites, including Google and Wikipedia.

    Swartz took his own life in 2013, and his girlfriend later discovered his body. Because of this, Aaron’s tale gained traction beyond the confines of the internet. The documentary premiered on the first anniversary of his passing, January 11, 2014.

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  4. Steve Jobs: Billion-Dollar Hippy

    Though “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” is a BBC documentary, it’s on Netflix, which makes it one of the top tech documentaries on Netflix. The documentary explores the contradiction between Jobs’ countercultural self-discovery and his love for Silicon Valley, seeking answers for Apple’s success in this field.

    The BBC Two documentary about Steve Jobs that began production after his death in October does not focus on his whole body of work but attempts to trace his roots.

    Jobs identified his success formula at the intersection of his interest in the nascent Silicon Valley and his vision of a Californian counterculture movement.

    The film chronicles the Apple co-journey founder from his LSD experimentation, travels to India, and communal living in Oregon to his realization that the world needed to be remade following new values. Friends like Daniel Kottke, who went to India with Jobs in search of enlightenment and became one of Apple’s first workers, are featured in the hour-long documentary.

    John Sculley, the former Apple CEO whom Jobs convinced to quit Pepsi to change the world with him, is also featured alongside the co-founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak, and Tim Berners-Lee, who created the World Wide Web.
  5. Nova: Rise of the Drones

    This documentary is one of the top documentaries on Netflix. It first aired on PBS as part of the NOVA format in 2011. It focuses on drone technology and demonstrates the revolutionary effects of drones in several fields, most notably the military. This documentary demonstrates that U.S. military drone use has gradually expanded since the turn of the century.

    The film demonstrates how the deployment of military drones may reduce casualties on both sides of a battle by automating the fighting. Still, it also demonstrates how this makes combat more convenient and alluring.

    It demonstrates the increased readiness to take risks, the challenges in targeting the enemy alone, and the disastrous outcomes that can occur when drones fail to avoid differentiate between civilians and hostile personnel.

    The film is one of the few with a heavy focus on the benefits, downsides, possibilities, and dangers of military drone technology and its use.

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  6. We Are Legion: The Story of Hacktivists

    In this documentary, director Brian Knappenberger examines the motives and strategies of the Anonymous hacker group. Founded online by computer hackers who share a common disdain for social injustices and controversies such as police brutality, internet censorship, and dishonest political and economic leaders.

    This documentary is one of the top tech documentaries on Netflix because it covers some of the most well-known incidents involving Anonymous and the internet activists that created it.

    The hacktivists’ ability to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against VISA and PayPal is demonstrated, as is their role in the events surrounding the so-called Arab Spring, which led to many political changes in the Middle East and Northern Africa, or how Anonymous attacked Sony Pictures.

    The documentary is regarded as one of the best and most complete accounts of Anonymous’s work.
  7. AlphaGo

    AlphaGo is one of the top tech documentaries on Netflix; Greg Kohs directed the documentary, which was released in 2017. The narrative shows how far AI can get in a game of Go by pitting it against Lee Sedol, the current world Go champion.

    This documentary has a length of almost 1.5 hours. The designers of AlphaGo provide background information and commentary on the project in this documentary.

    The DeepMind Challenge was a gaming competition in which the two took part. Interestingly, the five games that constitute the primary emphasis of the documentary are all won by the computer.
Best Tech Documentaries on Netflix.
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Netflix has become one of the best streaming sites in the world, and there are lots of questions asked about Netflix. We will cover the top FAQs of Netflix.

1. How many devices can stream on Netflix at the same time?

The answer to this question is inside the details of your subscription. Although you can link as many devices as you like to your Basic plan, you’re limited to streaming on a single device simultaneously. As for simultaneous streams, the Standard plan allows for two, while the Premium plan allows for five.

2. How do I set parental controls on my Netflix account?

A 10-year-old son probably shouldn’t be watching Squid Game. You must log in from a computer to change your account’s parental controls. Edit your profile and then go to Parental Controls.

3. Can I download Netflix shows?

You can download Netflix shows to watch later offline, but remember that the shows cannot be transferred to another platform.

4. Can I watch Netflix while traveling?

Yes, you can. Provided you have a reliable WiFi connection. Netflix will send you an alert as soon as there are any changes to be aware of.

5. How do I change my Netflix plan?

When you sign into your Netflix account, you’ll see the option to “Change Plan” at the top of the page. The next step is for you to decide.


Netflix never passes up an opportunity to wow its subscribers. From scary movies to comedies to educational documentaries on new technologies, it’s all there for the taking. We hope our article on the top tech documentaries on Netflix helps you decide on the next tech documentary to watch.

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