Domineum Honours With Emerging African Blockchain Company Of The Year In London

Domineum Blockchain solution

Domineum Blockchain Solutions Ltd  was selected as the Emerging African Blockchain Company of the Year at the 11th edition of the African Achievers Awards held at Kensington Palace, United Kingdom, on Friday 17th, December 2021. The African Achievers Awards are one of Africa’s most prestigious awarding bodies which honors great African achievers – including African … Read more

Supplies You Need to Clean and Electronic repair equipment

Electronic enthusiasts have carried forward the tradition of tinkering with electroniccomponents. Their efforts yield unprecedented results, like the steadily oncomingrobotics revolution and fully-fledged Smart Homes. These people work in their garages or rooms with all the tools and equipment needed to realise their visions. The constant use of those tools to experiment on PCBs and … Read more