How Humanity Inc. Plans To Help Humans In Aging Process.

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Many humans are used to apps now that records what’s known as our “digital biomarkers”. These biomarkers include our weight, height, steps taken and our heart rate. Some Startups have also appeared to keep note of our “medical biomarkers” like human cholesterol levels. But not many are willing to combine both “digital and medical biomarkers” to get a perfect picture of human health.

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This is where Human Inc. steps in. Human Inc are making efforts to combine both features into an app that is targeted to be launched next year.

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It has already begun its first stage of fundraising of about £2 million in a round led by One way ventures and Esther Dyson, who happens to be a health tech investor.

Enterpreners Peter Ward and Michael Geer are aiming to “help humanity live healthier, longer lives” with a health and longevity company that will enable Artificial Intelligence to maximize people’s health span.

Their goal is to allow users watch their “actual aging rate”, show them actions that are helpful or not and also suggest possible ways of slowing down the aging process.

They are drawing the attention of experts from “genetics and science” sphere including Aubrey Grey, who happens to be the Methuselah Foundation co-founder. Methuselah Foundation is best known for the search of anti aging technologies.

Grey said” The scientists of the world are focusing more and more on aging science, which is thankfully accelerating breakthroughs exponentially. However, we still need better vehicles to deliver these discoveries directly to the people. That is what Humanity is poised to do and why I am so excited to support them on this mission.”

Semyon Dukach, the Managing Partner of One way ventures ( investors in Humanity Inc.) said ” we are proud to be leading this round and backing this extraordinary team, along with a number of other great investors including leading funds and angels in the consumer tech and health space. 

Michael Geer said: “People have never had an accurate clear feedback loop to help them know whether what they’re doing to be healthier was really working or not. We want to finally give them that superpower.”

Humanity Inc. has begun testing the product on some users. The app will launch in the United Kingdom and The United States in 2021, then will be ready globally by 2022.

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