20 Best Gift Ideas For Ramadan For Tech Lovers

gift ideas for ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, more people than usual buy and give presents to one another. During the holy month of Ramadan, families frequently barter and purchase goods from one another to take advantage of unique discounts and deals.

Whether or not you were able to spend the blessed month with the people you care about, why not shake up your normal Eid routine and take a look at some of these gift ideas for Ramadan as a way to round off the month?

What is Ramadan?

During the month of Ramadan, followers of Islam refrain from eating and drinking anything that is regarded as unclean for the body and mind. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise (Fajr) until sunset, during which time they refrain from eating, drinking, and thinking impure thoughts. This allows them to concentrate on prayer and deepen their relationship with Allah (SWT).

As a result of the act of fasting, the individual can appreciate the agony and suffering of millions of people throughout the world who spend their lives in poverty and starvation, and this leaves the participant feeling more grounded and appreciative of everything that Allah (SWT) has provided them.

Donations of zakat are made at the end of each month during the holy month of Ramadan, and then the holiday of Eid al-Fitr is celebrated with family and friends. For Muslims, the holiday of Eid is a time for lavish eating and celebration, during which loved ones shower one another with presents.

Why is the month of Ramadan so significant?

It is a requirement for Muslims to abstain from food and drink during the month of Ramadan since it is considered the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, which is known as the Hijri. The month of Ramadan is an important one in the Islamic calendar, and the following are some facts that illustrate its significance.

  • The Holy Quran was initially made known to the world during the month of Ramadan.
  • The act of abstaining from food and drink throughout the holy month of Ramadan is the fourth and final pillar of Islam.
  • The act of fasting contributes to the achievement of taqwa, which may be defined as the doing of activities that please Allah and the abstinence from actions that displease Him.
  • The month of Ramadan is often referred to as the month of the Quran. During the month of Ramadan, it is strongly advised to read and study the Holy Quran, as well as to share what one has learned with others.
  • Laylat al-Qadr, also known as the Night of Decree or the Night of Power, takes place during this month, making it superior to a thousand other months.
  • The gates of paradise are opened during this holy month, while the gates of hell are closed and the devils are chained up.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, a pilgrim who does the Umrah, also known as the “lesser” or “little” pilgrimage, is considered to have fulfilled the requirements of Hajj (major pilgrimage).
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims partake in the practice of I’tikaaf, which entails staying in the mosque to worship and offering prayers throughout the day.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, it is a deed of great merit to provide people who are fasting with iftaar, the meal is eaten after sunset to break the fast.
  • During the month of Ramadan, it is also strongly advised to make charitable donations of Zakat (a required tax or payment equal to 2.5 percent of one’s wealth, savings, or assets) and Sadaqah (voluntary charity).
  • An authentic Hadith attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) states that if we fast during the month of Ramadan out of real faith and in the expectation of receiving a reward, we would be forgiven for all of our prior sins, provided that we do not commit any serious sins during that time.

20 Best Gift Ideas For Ramadan For Tech Lovers

There are as many different sorts of individuals as there are gift possibilities available in the technical realm; they may cater to a wide range of requirements and make life simpler for more than one person. The following is a list of gift suggestions for those who enjoy technology:

While you check that out, here are some tech gadgets below $50

Smartwatches and smart wristbands

One of the most trendy types of technology right now is the combination of a smartwatch and a smart bracelet. This should not come as a surprise to us given that it is a very adaptable device that offers an unlimited number of uses, in addition to being contemporary and quite helpful.

Athletes or those who are always connected to their smartphones but do not want to have to hold them in their hands all day would appreciate receiving one of these as a present.

Oil-free gadgets

Those who enjoy fried food but wish to reduce their intake of oil would be overjoyed if they receive a free air fryer, for instance, since this will fulfill their desire to eat less oil. These home appliances are programmable in terms of both time and power, and they have a high capacity.


Who doesn’t desire the newest model of the most popular type of smartphone? If one of your loved ones needs to upgrade their mobile device, don’t even worry about it; they are already familiar with the extensive lineup of cutting-edge smartphones that Huawei offers.


Since Apple made its AirPods trendy, wireless headphones that do not require cords are now an absolute must in every home. These headphones are incredibly pleasant to use, giving outstanding audio quality, and having a tiny and appealing appearance; they are an ideal purchase for anybody who enjoys music but also values functionality.

Power Bank

We all have at least one friend or member of our family who is perpetually out of battery. As a result of discovering this requirement, we already own the ideal present: a power bank or an extra battery.

The power and autonomy provided by these gadgets mean that your mobile device may be charged several times. An additional battery is an extremely helpful piece of equipment that is recommended to be kept on hand at all times.

Bluetooth Speakers

This is an excellent option to consider as a present for anyone who enjoys listening to music. With a Bluetooth speaker, you can take all of your favorite music with you and listen to it at any volume, regardless of where you are.

The connection between your smartphone or laptop and a wireless speaker is simple and does not require the use of heavy cords.

High-end coffeemaker

In this instance, one of the things that we have to take into consideration is the kind of coffee maker: Espresso? From capsules? drip? Super-automatic? There are many different types, and each one has both advantages and disadvantages. At Expert, we have a diverse selection of coffee makers, including a large variety of brands and types. We are here to guide you in the right direction!

Hair Straightener

Every person who appreciates beauty will be overjoyed to receive a present that possesses these qualities. Choose a tool that delivers outcomes that are professional-grade and long-lasting. Have plates that can be used to straighten, curl, and wave the hair while still taking care of the hair and retaining one hundred percent of the keratin in the hair.

High-end Tablets

Tablets, because of their portability and the simplicity with which they can be used, are the most ideal technological whim with which to get the ideal present. Tablets are the ideal addition to any household since they are more convenient to use than computers and are available at a much more affordable price.

Digital Cameras

During the holy month of Ramadan, it is guaranteed to be fruitful to give away a camera that is capable of recording both still images and moving video. The modern cameras that we stock are quite portable, don’t weigh much and don’t stick out too much. Learn about the choice that is ideal not just for individuals who are just starting in the field of photography but also for seasoned professionals who have already developed their signature look.


It’s possible that the person who will get these buds like technology so much that they become their first choice. They are extremely lightweight without sacrificing sound quality, and they come with either active noise cancellation or a transparent mode that allows you can hear your surroundings. Additionally, they include Clear Voice Technology that ensures you will be heard (even in winds up to 25 miles per hour).

In addition, they are manufactured in a manner that does not emit any carbon dioxide, making them a more environmentally responsible option. The glass veneers that let you glimpse the technology contained within the device are sure to excite any admirer of modern technology.

Meta Portal TV

It can be set up with a standard HDMI cable, and once it is, the camera will automatically track its subject and expand its field of view. This will ensure that everyone in the room is captured in the image, and it will also keep up with a child who is performing tricks for her parents or grandparents. (In addition, Alexa is compatible with it, which means that they may use it to command their other smart home gadgets.)

Ui Ceramic Self-Heating Mug and Charger

The coaster, which comes in the shape of a disc, utilizes electromagnetic radiation to maintain the temperature of the user’s coffee or hot chocolate. Additionally, if the user’s smartphone or other Qi-enabled devices require a charge, the coaster may provide that charge. You might give this to your dad, your workaholic sibling, or a buddy for the holy month of Ramadan.

Logitech Litra Glow

This smart light automatically adapts the light quality to the user’s skin tone and diffuses the light for a gentle and radiant glow, making it ideal for use in Zoom conversations or TikToks. (They are also free to make their adjustments to the lighting’s color temperature and brightness if they choose to make the atmosphere even more dramatic.)

Flare Safety Bracelet

This lovely piece of jewelry has a hidden function; the person who receives it as a present can activate it by pressing a button if she ever feels in danger. If you hit the button for a shorter amount of time, her phone will get a prank call that can assist her to get out of the predicament. If you push the button for a longer amount of time, it will transmit GPS information and messages to loved ones, or it will contact 911.

There is a wide variety of designs available, and the battery life may last for up to a year. This is something that might be given as a present to either sisters or female friends.

GE Full Color Smart LED Bulb

LED lights that can be customized are a genuine game-changer, as any devotee of smart homes can tell you. Additionally, for these lights to function, an external hub is not required because the connection process is handled entirely inside the app.

These smart bulbs can be finely adjusted via millions of hues, can be configured to automatically adapt from chilly to warm light as the day passes, and can be controlled remotely via the app or an Alexa or Google Assistant; this ensures that no one will arrive home to a gloomy house.

Wireless Battery Charger TOZO W1

A tangle of cables is the single most efficient way to transform a place from organized to disorganized in a hurry. In addition, if your wires are tangled up in a mess, it will be quite difficult to grab your charger and carry it with you when you leave the house. This space-saving charging station extends the life of your battery in a way that seems very futuristic. It is the ideal present for people who are passionate about technology.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

With the assistance of these noise-canceling headphones, you’ll be able to take calls, prepare episodes of a podcast, or simply chill out with some music. Each lightweight, the voice-assisted set is suited for Google Assistant and can block out up to 11 levels of noise. This is the best present you can get for someone passionate about technology, and it comes in either silver or black.

 Glow Light

Techies who have had a long day will get obsessed with this bedtime glow light. Each self-dimming light gradually becomes dimmer throughout the night, enabling a more restful and in-depth slumber than would be possible otherwise.

Instant camera Polaroid

This brand-new twist on the classic instant camera gives users more creative control over the photographs they create, which will appeal to fans of older forms of technology. It comes with a variety of lens filters in a rainbow of colors, as well as an application that gives the user the ability to play tricks with the output of their camera.

Some of these tricks include light painting, double exposures, and operating the camera from a distance so that the user can also be included in the photograph.


What kinds of presents are customary to give after the month of Ramadan?

Gift-giving is a common practice among Muslims to celebrate the conclusion of the fasting month of Ramadan. Historically, these presents took the form of monetary currency and were given mostly to children.

What exactly does it mean to say “Eidi”?

Eidi is a present that is given to youngsters by elder relatives or family friends as part of the celebration of the two Muslim holidays: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The word “Eidi” is pronounced “idi,” and its Arabic pronunciation is “idi.”

What do you name the presents that are exchanged on Eid?

Money, known as Eidiyah or Eidi, is traditionally presented to children on certain occasions in place of traditional gifts. After the morning prayer of Eid, when the younger members of the family are gathered around the adults to collect their bills, it is customarily given to the younger members of the household.


It is not always easy to give presents during the holy month of Ramadan since, for many devout Muslims, the month of Ramadan is a time for introspection, renewal, and reconnection with one’s faith while shunning the trappings of the worldly world. During the same time, the end of each day of fasting may be marked with a rowdy iftar that is loaded with food and fun, at which a tray of dried fruit and nuts or a box of chocolate-covered dates will go a long way.

Even though these two facts may appear to be in direct opposition to one another, throughout the month of Ramadan, Muslims are brought closer to the connections in their life that give their lives value, whether those relationships be with people, Allah, or both.

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