Best Free Wireframe Tools For UI/UX Designers

Best Free Wireframe Tools For UI/UX Designers

Creating wireframes is an important part of any UI/UX designer’s workflow. Both paid and free wireframe tools help designers map out the structure and layout of a user interface, and can be used to create high-fidelity prototypes.

There are many wireframing tools available on the market, both free and paid. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best free wireframe tools for UI/UX designers. These tools will help you quickly create wireframes for your web and mobile applications.

What is wireframing?

Wireframing is a low-fidelity method of designing a user interface. It is typically used early in the design process to establish the basic structure of a user interface before moving on to higher-fidelity methods.

Also, learning UI/UX design with wireframe tools makes it easy for up-and-coming to learn how to create skeletal views of an app or website. This helps them to plan the layout and hierarchy of the content without getting bogged down in the details of design and functionality. Wireframes are typically created using simple shapes and lines, without any color or branding. This makes them quick and easy to create and helps to keep the focus on the layout and content.

What are wireframe tools?

Wireframing tools are used to create visual representations of websites or apps. They can be used to create high-level designs or to map out specific interactions and functionality. Wireframing tools can be used to create static images or interactive prototypes.

These tools can be helpful for designers who want to communicate their ideas to clients or developers. They can also be used for user testing to see how people interact with a site or app.

How to use wireframe tools

There are a few different ways that you can use wireframe tools. One way is to use them as a sketching tool to help you plan out the overall layout of your website or app. This can be helpful if you’re not sure how you want your final product to look.

Another way to use wireframing tools is to create a prototype of your product. This can be helpful for testing out ideas and getting feedback from users.

Finally, you can also use wireframing tools to create high-fidelity mockups of your product. This can be helpful for presenting your product to potential investors or partners.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that wireframing tools are just one part of the design process. You’ll also need to think about the overall user experience, branding, and other factors when designing your product.

Best Free Wireframe Tools For UI/UX Designers

Best Free Wireframe Tools For UI/UX Design

1. Figma

Figma is one of the best free wireframe tools designers can use, t is a vector graphics editor and online design tool that lets users create designs for the web, mobile apps, and interfaces. It is one of the most popular wireframing tools among UX designers.

Figma makes collaboration easy with its real-time collaboration feature. This feature lets designers work on the same file at the same time. Figma also has a version control feature, which lets designers track the changes made to the design.

Figma is free to use for individuals and teams of up to 3 people. For teams of 4 or more people, Figma charges $12 per person per month.

2. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is another vector-based design tool for designing and prototyping user interfaces and experiences. It is also one of the most popular wireframe tools.

Adobe XD is a vector-based user experience design tool for web apps and mobile apps, developed and published by Adobe Inc. It is available for macOS and Windows, although there are versions for iOS and Android to help preview the result of work directly on mobile devices.

Adobe XD offers vector-based design tools for designing and prototyping user experiences for web and mobile applications. It is built for designing at the pixel level and supports responsive design, making it a good choice for designing screen layouts that will look good on multiple devices.

3. Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups is a wireframe tool that helps designers create low-fidelity prototypes of their web and mobile app designs. It is one of the most popular wireframing tools among UX designers.

Balsamiq Mockups has a number of features that make it a great tool for wireframing. It has a vector-based design interface that lets designers create designs quickly and easily. Balsamiq Mockups also has a number of pre-built components that can be used to create wireframes.

Balsamiq Mockups is free to use for individuals and teams of up to 3 people. For teams of 4 or more people. While integration with google drive costs $5 per month. Also, note that all plans come with a 30-day free trial.

4. MockFlow

Mockflow is a cloud-based wireframing tool that allows you to create mockups, templates, etc. It has many templates and elements to choose from, and you can also create your own.

If you looking for a wireframing tool that is easy to use and has a wide range of options, Mockflow is a good option. It has a free trial, and the premium version starts at $14 per month.

Some of the features include drag and drop, real-time collaboration, version control, and more. However, while focusing primarily on wireframes, it does not have some of the features that other tools on this list have, such as prototyping and usability testing.

5. UXPin

UxPin is one wireframe that facilitates the work of a designer, it is complete and has many features that help create interactive prototypes. It is an all-in-one browser-like platform that helps you design, prototype, and collaborate on user experience.

You can manage your design projects and get feedback from your team in the same place. It is very intuitive, with a drag-and-drop interface and ready-to-use elements that facilitate the work and make it more efficient.

When it comes to verifying the viability of the solution, you can create interactive prototypes and share them with your client or your team.

6. is a simple, easy-to-use wireframe that allows you to quickly draw shapes and lines. It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform. It has a very intuitive and clutter-free interface.

It is a simple and very intuitive wireframe, which makes it ideal for designing simple wireframes or for working on the first drafts of designs. This wireframe has elements that can be dragged and dropped and is also compatible with the mobile version.

You can create wireframes for any type of screen size and resolution. The features include templates, a drag-and-drop interface, and a wide range of shapes and objects that you can use to create your wireframes for $16 per user after exhausting your free trial.

7. InVision Studio

One of the oldest wireframe tools out there is InVision Studio. It’s one of the many tools in InVision’s suite, but it’s the one that stands out the most. The app comes with a wide variety of templates, which means that you can save a lot of time if you’re creating a design for an app that’s similar to something that has been done before.

InVision Studio also allows you to share your designs with your team via its collaboration feature. The handy vector drawing tool and the ability to add animations and transitions to your designs make InVision Studio a great choice for those who want to create high-fidelity wireframes.

8. Webflow

Webflow is a tool that allows you to create responsive websites and web-based applications. The app comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create wireframes. It also has a wide variety of templates that can save you a lot of time.

If you are looking for a wireframe tool that is easy to use and comes with a wide range of features, Webflow is the way to go. Also, Webflow skills are at the cutting edge of the web and design industry, and they are the perfect tool to use to create responsive websites and web-based applications.

9. Origami Studio

Created for Facebook designers, Origami Studio is a free tool that allows you to create interactive user interface designs with ease. The app comes with a wide range of built-in components that can be used to create complex designs. It also has a built-in simulator that allows you to test your designs on different devices.

However, the most interesting feature of Origami Studio is its ability to connect to other wireframe tools i.e its compatibility with other tools like Sketch and Figma makes it special.  This makes it possible to collaborate on design projects with other designers from around the world.


There you have it. Our top 8 free wireframe tools for UI/UX designers. All of these tools should help you get started on your wireframe journey and help you take your designs to the next level. However, for UI/UX designers, the best free wireframe tools are those that allow for quick and easy creation of high-quality wireframes. Some top free wireframe tools include Balsamiq, MockFlow, and WireframeSketcher. These tools offer a variety of features and benefits that make them ideal for use in the design process.

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