Fidia sets to ease the creator economy by making payment simpler

All digital content creators now have an easier way to get paid for being creative. Now Imagine as a digital content creator who spent hundreds of hours creating content like writing an E-Book, making a YouTube video or just building a digital product and there’s no proper way to monetize or get a thank you donation from your users who love your work, that could be frustrating right?

Alright let us break it down a bit, what if there’s a way to monetize the value that you provide on the internet?

Are you a content writer, graphics designer, musician, online tutor, a skit maker or literally someone being creative on the internet right now but you are either not making money from it or not making enough, I have great news for you and you’re going to love this. Why? Because Fidia payment link is now here for you.

What is Fidia Payment Platform

Fidia is a new platform for the creators in Africa. The platform believes creators in Africa deserve a seamless and simple way to make a living from their creativity, that’s why Fidia is here to stay. With a payment link created on Fidia, you can receive coffee/pizza money from people who love your work. Creators can get donations and support from their fans. Think Fidia, think payment.????

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There are hundreds of companies around the world building amazing products for creators in the passion economy but the African market is left out! These companies are not intentionally leaving out the African market space, but the complexities of expanding into Africa are what limits them.

Four amazing features you should check out on Fidia

1. Monetise your creativity

One unique and very important opportunity with Fidia is that it enables creators in the passion economy to receive payments, sell digital products and accept membership subscriptions from their audience. So basically those amazing and creative efforts you freely put out on the internet can be converted into a digital products that could be monetise. First you need to create a profile

2. Product Pages

With Fidia payment link you easily can create product pages to sell your digital products and get paid faster without needing a complicated e-commerce website. Just upload and showcase whatever of value you’ve got to share with the world.

3. Subscriptions

Now here’s a kicker, you can accept one-time or recurring membership subscriptions from your audience to give them access to premium contents. How sweet can this get? you literally could forge a lifetime career in the creator economy with Fidia.

4. Payment Links

Hear this, as a content creator Fidia provides an easy payment links to help you get donations and support from your fans. With Fidia link, you can recieve coffee/pizza money from people who love your work. For example you can create links such as Support My Work, Buy Me A Pizza, Buy Me A Coffee, etc, or anything you can think of.

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What you should know

Fidia is currently available in Nigeria but will be expanding to other countries in the coming months. The startup is on course to improving and supporting the creator economy in Africa by building tools, platforms, and communities for creatives to grow, succeed and monetize their creativity.

Create in Seconds & Share Anywhere, just create your payment link, share it on your social media account and tag Fidia to also support you as well.

For Questions and enquiries or suggestions, Send an email to [email protected]

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Happy earnings ????

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