Top Insurance Companies in Nigeria You Should Know

insurance companies in nigeria

Insurance is a critical service that assists in protecting you, your organization, and your family from unforeseen disasters. Nevertheless, as much as you wish these occurrences would not occur, the reality is that they cannot be avoided, hence why they are referred to be unexpected. However, the best part is that once they occur, insurance … Read more

Best Health Insurance For Startups

health insurance for startups

For startups, health insurance providers are trying to make healthcare more inexpensive and accessible through their policies. Individuals entering the employment market are increasingly gravitating toward fast-paced startups. Working with a modest budget while your firm grows and scales is one of the most challenging tasks you may encounter as an entrepreneur. In startups, most … Read more

Top Insurtech Startups in Africa right now

Insurtech Startups in Africa

Insurance technology is the adoption of technology innovations to create a more efficient insurance model. Unlike fintech, agri-tech and healthtech, Insurtech is one technology sector that is vastly untapped in Nigeria.  According to a recent report, Africa’s whole insurance industry is valued at about $68 billion in terms of GWP and is also ranked eighth … Read more

Nigerian Insurtech startup Casava raises $4m pre-seed to democratize insurance

Insurtech startup casava

Nigeria’s Insurtech Startup Casava has secured US$4 million in pre-seed funding to deliver affordable and accessible micro-insurance services for millions of Nigerians.  The funding round, the largest pre-seed round for an African insurtech to date, was led by Target Global with participation from Entrée Capital, Oliver Jung, Tom Blomfield (Founder of Monzo) and Ed Robinson … Read more

Insurtech Startup Octamile raises $500k pre-seed to reduce financial loss through digital insurance

Insurtech Startup octamile

Octamile raises $500,000 pre-seed funding. In the words of Gbenro Dara, Founder and CEO of Insurtech Startup Octamile, only 5 to 10 Africans have any form of insurance protection, even though insurance is a veritable sector that has the potential to elevate the economy of the country. Octamile, an Insurance technology startup that enables insurance … Read more