Top Growing Best Logistics Startups in the World right now

Logistics Startups in USA

In 2021, the logistics sector received a total of USD$24.3 billion in the first three quarters, a figure which more than doubled the sumtotal that was recorded in 2020. The supply chain industry or better still logistics sector has experienced an Increasing funding resulting in more innovations in product delivery, supply chain startups and more … Read more

Paystack one of the payment gateways in Nigeria, launch an e-commerce platform

Paystack payment gateways in Nigeria

Paystack one of the big payment gateways startups in Nigeria now launch its new e-commerce platform. Paystack Commerce is offering a social commerce product to help them receive payments. Paystack is one of the best payment gateways in Nigeria being used by a lot of individuals and startups in Africa for their payment businesses. On … Read more