How Oja a UK-based startup secures $3.4M funding to build London’s first ethnic grocery store

oja app

“Oja” is a Yoruba word for traditional market or better still ethnic markets, imagine a world where you can get access to a variety of fresh traditional and local foods like plantain, yams, scotch bonnet, chili peppers, oxtail, seasonings, and more…at the tab of a button? Let me tell you about the Oja app, London’s … Read more

10 Femtech Startups Founded or Managed by Nigerian women You Should know

femtech startups

The Nigerian tech ecosystem is growing massively, more startups and tech companies are birthed every day, although the tech scene globally is perceived to be dominated by the tech bros, we have a good number of women with innovative ideas turned into successful Femtech startups. The tech sector is expanding into more areas of life, … Read more