CBN Orders Banks to End Crypto Activity In Nigeria: How it Concerns You


In what started as a speculation or fake news but turned out to be a shocking truth on Friday, that the Apex Bank in Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has ordered banks and other financial institutions to shuts the accounts of crypto currency exchanges and end all crypto trading, buying and selling and … Read more

Fintech Startup, Flutterwave Nigeria denied being banned by CBN


Flutterwave Nigeria made a public announcement on the 14th of October, 2020 that they were not banned by the Central Bank of Nigerian. Few days after the End Sars Protest in Lagos Nigeria became a mass protest, on of the Nigeria promising fintech startup, Flutterwave Nigeria lend their voice to the protest and opened a … Read more

End SARS: Tech Companies Fights Against End SARS

End Sars

The Tech Companies in Nigeria have lent their voices to the end Sars #EndSarsBrutality #EndSarsNow in Nigeria. Many Tech operatives have used this opportunity to voice their opinion and their bitter incident of how they have been oppressed by the Nigerian Special anti-robbery squad (SARS) who have mistaken them for “Yahoo” operatives. Nigerian entrepreneur, software … Read more

Tizeti CEO Kendall Ananyi reinstated as CEO

Tizeti CEO

An independent special investigation committee created by Tizeti has ruled that it could not establish a case of sexual harassment against Tizeti CEO, Kendall Ananyi. On June 2, 2020, Ghana-based tech entrepreneur, Kelechi Udoagwu, accused Ananyi of sexually harassing her while she was a full-time communications director at M.E.S.T (Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology). “When … Read more

Google Bans its Workers from Using Zoom Video Conferencing Application

Google Bans its Workers from Using Zoom Video Conferencing Application

Google has banned all their staffs from using the world popular video conferencing application called Zoom.Due to the recent security issues affecting zoom video conferencing software, a lot of Companies across the world have been making use of the application. It’s also noticed that due the world pandemic (Covid-19) a lot of Companies have moved … Read more

54Gene raises $500,000 to boost COVID-19 testing in Nigeria

54Gene raises $500,000 to boost COVID-19 testing in Nigeria

Recently, 54Gene a Genomics and Health based Company raised $500,000 fund aimed to support the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in carrying out test for the Covid-19 we opened the Nigeria Covid-19 fund by donating $150,000 and secured an additional $350,000 from partners including Union Bank bringing the total fundraised to the sum of $500,000. … Read more

How China is using Technologies to help fight COVID-19 virus

WhatsApp Image 2020 03 25 at 17.29.05

In recent times, the outbreak of the Coronavirus (code name COVID-19) has become so widespread thereby leading to an increased mortality rate in many countries. Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, Numerous Chinese firms have developed automated technologies for contactless delivery, spraying disinfectants and performing basic diagnostic functions, in order to minimize the risk … Read more