Tech Startups, companies on the frontline against COVID-19

Tech companies

Tech Companies, Tech startups also helping fight the covid-19. Twenty years ago, you probably might have to wait for the news slot to learn about world happenings. Because television, radios and newspapers were people’s only source of information. Then the internet, smartphones, and digital technology arrived all of which changed the course of communication and … Read more

5G and COVID-19, the conspiracy theories are not logical

5G COVID-19 Conspiracy

Imagine listening to the news, and you hear something like “Google is linked to the infectious disease that has affected over a million people and resulted in over a hundred thousand deaths because one of its service Stadia; was launched the same year the Coronavirus outbreak began.” Sounds awkward right? Well, that’s how conspiracy theorists … Read more

54Gene raises $500,000 to boost COVID-19 testing in Nigeria

54Gene raises $500,000 to boost COVID-19 testing in Nigeria

Recently, 54Gene a Genomics and Health based Company raised $500,000 fund aimed to support the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in carrying out test for the Covid-19 we opened the Nigeria Covid-19 fund by donating $150,000 and secured an additional $350,000 from partners including Union Bank bringing the total fundraised to the sum of $500,000. … Read more