Sendcash making half a billion transactions few months after launch

SendCash a digital Platform Built by Mother Company Buycoin, which serves in sending and receiving money in Nigeria using Bitcoin is already making half a Billion Naira transactions after a few months of Launching.

After a few months of launch, the digital platform by Buycoin which allows you to send or receive money to Nigeria from anywhere in the world using Bitcoin are already making over half a billion naira transactions on their platform.

This great news was captured by the CEO of Buycoin and SendCash, Timi Ajiboye’s excitement Tweet on Wednesday morning.

Sendcash by buycoin transfer platform
Timi Twitter

SendCash allows you to send up to $1000 daily and the minimum $20 to any Nigerian bank account using Bitcoin.


The platform is an easy way for people outside Nigeria to send money to Nigerian Bank accounts using Bitcoin! With the platform, the receiver/ recipient does not need to interact with bitcoin. They will get credited with the Naira equivalent to their bank account within minutes!.

With the newly-launched platform—SendCash, anyone, including people without BuyCoins account, will be able to transfer money to a Nigerian bank account using Bitcoin via Cash App or Coinbase.

Sendcash making billions after launching few months back. Why SendCash?
A lot of interesting things said about the new sendcash platform by its users, giving their testimonies of their experiences about the platform on Twitter.

Amazing Things that made SendCash people’s choice are thus:

1. Customer experience

The customer experience of sendcash is really good and helps solve the problem fast. They go above and beyond to keep the customer happy, whether that means answering any questions they have or resolving issues with a positive attitude.

2. It is affordable
The exchange rate on Sendcash is cheaper than popular alternatives.Like every other currency, the exchange rate for Bitcoin to Fiat (Naira, Dollar, etc) fluctuates over time. They update the rate every 2 minutes to show you the latest price and the Bitcoin equivalent of the amount you want to send.

Sendcash by buycoin transfer platform

3. It is fast and secure
The Transfers on the platform is fast and secure. Transfers on the Bitcoin network are usually delivered within 5 minutes or less. The recipient will receive naira within 5 minutes after the bitcoin transfer is confirmed.

4. It is easy to use
They made their platform in a way that the users will be at ease when using it.They made Sending money to Nigeria as simple as sending bitcoin from your preferred app.

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