How Nigerian startup, Fidia raises $125k in 6 months after launch, joins ODX1 Accelerator

Six months ago, techibytes was one of the earliest tech blogs to publicly announce the launch of Fidia- a platform that helps content creators make a living from their creativity. We told you how the startup is changing the game in the creator economy sphere. 

Just a few months down the road, the payment startup full of young, vibrant, and talented Nigerians have been able to build a platform that allows content creators to create, grow and monetize their creativity in Africa. Not just that Fidia’s launch has been successful, the startup is now backed by On Deck- A platform that helps people start companies, find their next role, and invest in their careers.

Fidia has joined the first cohort of the On Deck Accelerator Program(ODX1). It has also raised $125,000 from On Deck. With the new fund, Fidia intends to continue to build on its vision and stay focused on its core mission to empower creators in Africa to earn from their creativity. 

“We are more than energized and strengthened in our mission to create a platform where African creators can keep doing the things they love without limitations.”

This new funding and support from ODX will help the startup develop many of its core features and improve on the existing product lines and also manage and recruit more talent.

About the Fidia ODX Accelerator Program


Accelerator Program (ODX) opens us up to a community of founders, advisors, investors, etc with access to learning resources, strategic business advice, and invaluable connections. 

On Deck usually invests $125,000 for 7% and gives you supercharged access to the On Deck network with a dedicated Partner.

It has helped 650+ founders start their companies, raised over $800 million from top investors, helped find their first customers, hires and investors, and more.

The startup is looking forward to leveraging all of this to experiment, iterate, and find what works best.

The Fidia Journey so far…

It’s not a lie that starting a company in this part of the country is difficult. There are many unfriendly government regulations that are there to frustrate your efforts and get you out of business.

In 2021 the number of creators worldwide increased by 48% compared to the previous year, 

“In the past six months, the tech startup has shipped a good number of features. Getting into ODX means the platform now has the resources and network to iterate faster, build a better product, and invest more in our growth.

The startup is undeterred, survived the first 6 months, and is ready to carry on to push the dream forward. 

The tech startup launched a couple of flagship features on its platform.

  • Payment Links

The payment links provide an easy way for creators to get tips and donations from their fans and audience(s). Creators could create payment links for multiple purposes and have the support of their fans or tip them using these links.

  • QR Code Generator

As part of its version 2.0 update, Fidia launched a QR Code Generator that enables creators to convert their Fidia payment links into downloadable QR codes in several file formats such as .png, .jpeg, .svg!

  • Transfers

Transfers are an easy way for creators to appreciate other creators by sending cash tips using the creators’ usernames. Creators can now send and receive cash tips using their usernames on Fidia and it’s quite fast and seamless

  • Product Pages

On December 3rd, the startup launched another feature, Product Pages which makes it easy for creators to sell their digital products online without needing a complicated e-commerce website. The feature onboarded a couple of creators and they were able to sell their digital products on Fidia(both free and paid)

  • Integrations

Integrations are a way for creators to connect with third-party applications. It added Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations, so creators can choose to connect their Fidia account to either Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel or both and use the powerful analytics tools that they both provide on any of their public pages.

Fidia is currently a team of four committed and passionate Individuals doing the best work of their lives and building the future of the creator economy in Africa. The platform is currently recruiting for a Product Marketing Manager and looking to onboard more talent soon.

How to make money as a Creator

Creators have had to diversify in their means of earning income. Some of the ways creators make money include:

  • subscriptions
  • Selling digital content
  • Sharing advertising revenue
  • affiliate marketing
  • Creating or sharing sponsored content
  • Featuring product placement
  • Receiving tips
  • Endorsement deals
  • Receiving one-off sales or donations
  • Receiving money from a fan club
  • Receiving money from fans via a donation platform
  • Charging for courses
  • Selling fan engagement

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