Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms

During this unprecedented period, many companies are rolling out various applications and various features where we can connect with our teams and our loved ones. Facebook introduced messenger rooms with other great features.

Facebook on the 24th of April 2020, announced a new feature that will be added to Facebook and Messenger app, where users will soon be able to create a video chat room once it is available in your country and fully rolled out. This announcement was also made when Mark Zuckerberg was on a live Facebook where he shared new product updates to help everyone feel more connected even while we’re apart and discussing our response to Covid-19.

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Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms

This feature will enable Facebook to compete with services like Microsoft Teams, Skype, BlueJeans, Zoom, etc. as we all turn to video chat system during this lockdown period. This feature came at the perfect time because many users of Zoom are looking for other alternatives because of many security and privacy concerns faced in the last few months.

Mark also expressed some security concerns during the live stream, where he said the company has been “very careful” and tried to “learn the lessons” from issues with other video conference tools in recent months.


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Messenger Rooms include the capability to control who sees your room and you can also lock or unlock it. If it’s unlocked, anyone with the link can join and share the room with other users. But the room creator has to be present to start the call. They can also control who can join and can remove participants at any time, too.

Other Features Facebook included

  • Expanding WhatsApp Group Calls, you’ll be able to have group voice and video calls with up to eight people on WhatsApp.
  • New Live Video Features for Facebook, Instagram, and Portal.
  • Messenger Kids Global Expansion and New Features.
  • Set Up a Virtual Date in Facebook Dating, to help people find meaningful relationships even when they can’t meet in person.

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