Building the Future: Imo Economic Summit Group throws weight behind Imo Startups Weekend 2021

Imo state-based Victoria Farms and Imo Economic Summit Group has shown their support towards  Imo Startups Weekend which will be held in Owerri Nigeria from Friday, December 3 to Saturday, December 4, 2021.

Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

The Imo Startups Weekend is one of the biggest tech events held every year in the Eastern part of Nigeria to provide education, support, and networking opportunities for startups and innovation-driven enterprise founders in Imo State.

It is also an opportunity to connect the elite to the emerging Startup ecosystem in the state and by extension the region.

This year’s event will hold from Friday, December 3rd to Saturday, December 4th, 2021, with the theme “Building the Future” and it will expose participants to the Innovation-driven entrepreneurship paradigm.

It will feature practical training/learning, conversations, networking, Startup Bootcamp, and pitching sessions with seasoned professionals, mentors, and Startup Coaches.

In a press statement released to the public, the lead organizer, Mr. Chukwuma Anurunkem, said

 “We have made efforts to bring in awesome speakers and facilitators from across the country including  Mr. CNC Nwachukwu, Mr. Chinenye Mba-uzoukwu (President of ISPON & Founding Partner, InfoGraphics),

Uche Aniche (Convener, #StartupSouth & Director, SSE Angel Network), Lawal Abiodun (Digital & Innovation Associate, Union Bank), Igwe Uguru (Founder, Chooya), Innocent Unachukwu (Founder, GreenBox),

Godwin Kachi (Manager, Heartland Innovation Hub), Emmanuel Ezenwere

(Co-Founder, Aarone), Lois Peters (Business Development Consultant) and Adanna Ononiwu.

Also speaking at the press conference, Ivan Beling, General Manager, Victoria Farms said,

  “Victoria Farms is founded on innovation and collaboration. We are mindful of the need to engage the innovation ecosystem – especially because we have to ensure that young people are channeling their intellect and energy in productive ventures.

We are excited to support the Imo Startups Weekend and look forward to engaging with Innovative Imo Youths.”

 Similarly, Dr. Okey Nwuke, President of Imo Economic Summit Group, in his own words said,

 “We are guided by the recent upsurge in interest in the Nigeria Innovation Ecosystem and believe that it will form part of the pillars of our engagement in the state’s economic sphere – especially in the area of youth engagement.

IESG is therefore happy to participate in this year’s conference.

The Conference Venue for this year’s event is Imo Arts Village, Beside Crunchies at Mbari Street, Ikenugbu, Owerri Imo state.

Also speaking. Co-organizer, Isaac Chika said, 

“This conference will be a major contribution to realizing the emergence of innovative businesses that can scale to become big corporations in the state and within the region.”

What you should know About Victoria Farms

Located in Ochicha Obike, Ngor Okpalla, outskirts of Owerri Imo state, Victoria Integrated Agro-Farms is a private initiative aimed to boost food security in the southeast and in the whole country.

It is a Nigerian company sitting on 80 Hectares farm in Imo State, South-East of Nigeria.

It is a conglomerate of ultra-modern farms and agricultural facilities modularly integrated for the production and processing of birds, eggs, and livestock to support the food sufficiency initiative of the present Government.

Find out more on Innovative Agritech startups

The Victoria Farm facility comprises an ultra-modern poultry farm with rearing houses, layer houses, silos, feed mill, grading machines, egg room, and ancillary equipment fully automated to raise layers for commercial table eggs, broilers, and livestock production.

The farm deploys the best technologies available in the world to establish a fully integrated and automated poultry business in Nigeria for sustainable food chain sufficiency.

About Imo Economic Summit Group (IESG)

IESG is an independent non-partisan organization that supports and complements Government’s economic development policies, galvanizing the private sector to drive investment in flow, creating opportunities and prosperity for Imo State.

The Group is made up of seasoned professionals with demonstrable personal accomplishments and an overwhelming and altruistic passion for developing Imo state.

What is Imo Startups Community?

Imo Startup Community was Founded in 2016 by Chukwuma Anurunkem, The ISC is the main Startup Ecosystem development organization providing leadership for the different sectoral communities across the state.

The vision of the organization is to support the emergence of quality startups across Imo State by continuously creating platforms that connect startups to quality training, conversations, networks, and opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Inquiries about the event

For inquiries and support concerning the event, you can contact Chukwuma Anurunkem on the phone here. 08062303368

You can also send a mail to this Email or visit their website here

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