Here in Nigeria, most people often try to know the best Tech companies to work for in Nigeria and we have made some checks to give out few lists of companies we can find.

Ever wondered of something worse than been unemployed? Of course, working in a choking environment. The unemployment rate is deemed to rise yearly making Nigerian graduates feel insecure but there have many reports of the poor working conditions the country at large is facing.

The main problem of a bad work environment is obviously supposed to be the method by which it recruits new staff but across Nigeria this recruitment process is dominant. Since the process is hence dominant job seekers have adapted to it. One of the problems is that during interviews, time is unnecessarily wasted and companies don’t bother to give applicants feedbacks.

Most tech companies in Nigeria at most times do not put their heart and soul in searching out for the best of talents but instead, they prefer what will be produced to who will produce it. The aftermath hasn’t been really what the tech companies in Nigeria want as well as Nigerians who are willing to work for them.

In the quest to put an end to this abnormality, Nigeria’s biggest job and career platform, Jobberman put out an article featuring 100 of the best tech companies to work for in Nigeria in 2014. The report didn’t only contain the best tech companies in Nigeria but also provided yardsticks by which Job seekers could overview a company.

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About 3000 actual responses on Jobberman was studied lately in their report and found out that about 48% employees were comfortable with their job, 9% seemed uncomfortable and the remaining were not necessarily excited about their jobs.

The xtertics that can make tech companies in Nigeria conducive to work in are the External and Internal features of the company. The external features are the features employees are looking out for in a workplace while the internal ones are the features a company is expected to acquire in order to serve employees to their satisfaction.

However, in the 5th edition of the Best 100 Companies to Work for in Nigeria report by Jobberman, these are among the best tech companies to work for in Nigeria

Tech Companies to work for in Nigeria

  1. Andela
    A Pan African tech company, Andela provides Engineering As A Service(EAAS). The tech company scouts, develops and links young minds to the engineering team of companies around the world. It was ranked the best tech company to work for in Nigeria.

2. Google
Google is a tech company that has consistently been found among the best company index. The Google Nigeria Office, designed by Space Finish is arguably one of the best workspaces in Nigeria and also one of the best tech companies to work for in Nigeria.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft has launched its African Development Centre in Lagos and by Jobberman is ranked 28th best tech company to work for in Nigeria.

4. InterSwitch
Interswitch, the soon-to-be first Africa’s tech unicorn, is ranked as the 37th best company to work for in Nigeria, dropping four places from last year.

5. Jumia
Jumia is the pioneer electronic commerce company in Nigeria. Despite facing obstacles that try to hinder operations, it’s one of the companies employees would want to work for.

6. Tek Experts Nigeria
This Tech company is a provider of business and IT services worldwide. No wonder it is ranked among the best tech companies to work for in Nigeria.

7. Oracle
Oracle specializes in providing cloud applications and platform services.It is ranked as the 69th best company to work for in Nigeria.

8. Paystack
Deservedly, paystack has made it’s premier appearance on the Index.The digital payment company had its largest recruitment round around last year.

9. PiggyVest
PiggyVest is the first online” savings & investment” app in West Africa. It was first launched in January, 2016 as “”. Their mission is to give everyone the power to better manage and grow their own finances.

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