ArtisanKonect creating a platform For Creative Talents to connects Clients in Nigeria

Getting potential clients for most handymen, tech talents and the creative industry as a whole has never been easy in Nigeria, Artisankonect is now here to bridge the gap for tech/creative individuals in Lagos and Abuja part of Nigeria.

The Platform accepts a wide range of handymen in various categories of crafts like Carpentery, web development, Tailoring, Event planning, and virtually all craft you can think of to serve various clients who need their services.

Nwizuzu Francis Chukwuka, Barnabas Kolo and Ayodeji Ayorinde founded the startup which is now web based, but soon will be introducing its mobile app to help serve handymen and clients faster.

What you should know about ArtisanKonect Founders

Chukwuka, a Businessman, responsible for the success of the project that turned into a company and planned to grow Artisankonect beyond expectation.

Ayodeji, a Product Designer & Software developer was responsible for the user interface of the platform and made sure it was user-friendly by all means.

Barnabas, a software developer, developed the platform and made sure security was top-notch so as to protect both Artisans and clients.


In addition, Barnabas said “Security wise, we make sure all artisans in our system are been verified by NIN or Voters card before the system assign any form of job request for them, our utmost concern is our clients and we will always make sure their save with our artisans and the system at large. Keep in my that their details are secured in our database”

Clients can post requests on the platform in one click and the artisan in that category or with that speciality is connected to the client immediately with various services like; Event planner office cleaning, painting, Printer, carpentry, electricals, plumbing and much more.

ArtisanKonect is Targeted at Lagos and Abuja market, but as the startup grows it will eventually spread across other states in Nigeria

Co-founder ArtisanKonect, Chukwuka Says

He also added that “the name Artisankonect signifies that handymen are the heart of the startup and connecting them with clients is the companies aim but clients are also considered so as to make things easier for everyone rather than spending time to search for the best artisan for the task or job, we at Artisankonect have done the work for you.”

According to Ayodeji, the platform has made provision to increase it’s database of handymen so as to meet the client’s request within a day.
The platform is available for both Artisans and Users to register now at

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